Electrospray Direct Injection

Direct injection electrospray ionzation (ESI) is a quick way to characterize a sample without chromatography. This service allows for quick evaluation of samples such as synthesis products, peptide QC, small molecules from commercial sources, or highly purified unknowns. It is not suitable for highly complex mixtures. We can also analyze intact proteins after performing precipitation.

Samples should be minimally complex and in pure, LC/MS grade solvents such as unbuffered water, methanol, or acetonitrile. Non-volatile solvents and buffers such as DMSO, glycerol, PBS, HEPES or MOPS will not work. Sample concentrations for best results should be at ~0.1mg/mL.

The price for first 3 samples for direct injection ESI analysis is $58.00 each. For 4 samples and above the price is $46.40 each.