Electrospray LC/MS

HPLC separation using hydrophobic (C18) or hydrophilic (HILIC) chromatography is coupled to electrospray mass spectrometry for general profiling of sample constituents. This can be used to estimate compound purity, profile small molecules or metabolites, evaluate sample complexity, or investigate supernatant composition.

Samples should be either dried (preferable) or in a mass spectrometry-friendly solution, such as unbuffered water, LC/MS grade methanol or acetonitrile, or weakly buffered water using a volatile buffer such as ammonium formate or ammonium acetate. Samples should be free of protein and detergents.

Pricing is on a per-injection basis. For 1-3 injections the price is $150 per injection. For 4 and above, the price drops to $113 per injection. If both C18 and HILIC chromatographies are requested on a single sample, this constitutes 2 injections due to the changes in solvents and columns.