In-Gel Digestion and Protein Indentification

For identification of proteins from individual protein bands from SDS-PAGE gels.

The Mass Spectrometer will provide a list of specific MW masses along with fragmentation patterns for peptides generated from the trypsin digested protein of interest, this data should lead to identification of analyzed protein by cross-referencing against the database. The limitations of the procedure are primarily due to insufficient amount of extracted protein or lack of representation in the databases. Using our facility’s protocol (not working), our current limits of positive identification are on the order of 50-100ng of target protein in a gel matrix for all three common staining techniques (Coomassie Blue R250, SYPRO Ruby and Non-Destructive Silver Nitrate).

In Gel Digest with MALDI TOF/TOF $200 each
In Gel Digest with LC/MS/MS $280 each

Prices include trimming gel band/spot, destaining, Trypsin In Gel digestion, extraction of peptides, C18 Zip-Tip cleanup, your choice of mass spectrometry analysis, and file generation for database searching.