Sample Submission

COVID-19 sample submission procedure: Due to the building being locked at all times, sample submission needs to be done by appointment. You can email the mass spectrometry facility at, or call 608-262-8732 to make arrangements. Once scheduled, we will receive samples at either the Henry Mall entrance or the University Avenue entrance to the building while observing social distancing and PPE use requirements.

The UWBC Mass Spectrometry Core Facility accepts samples from all Schools, Colleges, and Departments on the UW-Madison campus, across the University of Wisconsin System, academic institutions around the country, and commercial/industry clients around the world.  Let us know how we can help you!

Please submit a completed submission form along with your sample, and provide an updated billing form when appropriate.

Mass Spectrometry Submission Form(Fillable PDF)

Blling Form(Fillable PDF)

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