Small Molecule Quantitation

We have performed numerous small molecule quantitation experiments from various biological matrices. These have tended to target either drugs or a specific handful of metabolites (such as bile acids) per assay. These experiments use triple-quadrupole LC/MS/MS to provide quantitative readouts on the target analytes. Where prior literature is present, the development of the assay can be relatively quick and straightforward. If the existing literature is less relevant, e.g. it is in a different matrix, or different concentration ranges are required, then the method development can be significantly more lengthy. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Sample volume or mass and expected analyte concentrations are vitally important in successful method development. Additionally, we will need an aliquot of the pure compound and an aliquot or aliquots of naive matrix to develop both the LC/MS/MS method and understand sample processing requirements. It should be expected that method development will take several weeks, particularly where the existing literature is sparse.

Per-sample cost for analysis is $150 for the first 3 samples and $113 for each additional sample. Calibration curve levels are considered to be samples as well, as they require the same sample handling and analysis. Depending on the sample handling required, there may be additional costs for solid-phase extraction or derivatization steps.