Untargeted Quantitative Proteomics

Quantitation of proteins from simplified or complex mixtures in an untargeted fashion for hypothesis generation.

Use of isotopic tagging (TMT reagents from Thermo) to multiplex relative protein quantitation. Up to 18 samples at simultaneously

Use of spectral counting to compare protein abundance on a sample by sample basis (Methods and Protocols, 2020)

Use of label free quantitation compares protein abundance using area under the curve (chromatographic peak are) to compare across samples.

Isotopic tagging: Requires at least 50 ug of protein per sample

Spectral counting: Requires 20 ug of protein per sample

Label free quantitation: Requires 20 ug of protein per sample

Samples can be delivered as protein pellets, homogenates or lysates. Ideally at concentrations greater than 0.1 mg/ml

Please contact us, but estimates are as follows

Isotopic tagging: Range = $4,500 for an 18 sample set internal ($7400, external)

Spectral counting: $430 per sample internal ($700 external)

Label free quantitation: $430 per sample internal ($700 external)